Cooperation Opportunities

Why cooperate and what are the benefits?

Here are the multiple benefits of a memory institution joining Manuscriptorium:

  • It will be included in a network of almost 180 memory institutions to establish contacts with.
  • It will be familiarised with hands-on digital processing of old written heritage at the highest possible level.
  • It will receive support in the aggregation of sources and integration of services in the digital network environment.
  • It will provide access to their documents in a European or world context.
  • It will allow for the correlation of their documents with complementary documents of other memory institutions to create a thematic ‘beyond-collection’ environment.
  • It will offer a comfortable environment to their users for working with historical collections, or rather a contact with other memory institutions’ users through the personalised individual account.
  • It will go beyond their particular range into the environment of general culture and civilisation.

How does it work?

Even though it means a greater amount of work for the memory institution that considers joining Manuscriptorium, it is clear and simple and it only requires one to:

  • Address Manuscriptorium;
  • Fill in the questionnaire;
  • State what types and amounts of document content they wish to provide;
  • Supply their formal and technical data (standards or formats used, whether the images are per extensum or per paginam, communication protocols, repository organisation);
  • Inform Manuscriptorium whether they want to aggregate on-line through the configuration of communication protocols or whether an individual connector will be required;
  • At last, settle the legal issues (contract, licence, etc.).

Whom to contact?

Go the easiest way and write to You shall receive our immediate response.