About Us

The Manuscriptorium mission

Manuscriptorium seeks to aggregate the old written and documentary heritage (medieval and early modern manuscripts, incunabula, and early printed books until c. 1800) of European civilisation in a united user interface and present it to end users as well as have other sources use it (Manuscriptorium is, for example, a domain aggregator for Europeana). In addition to being an extensive digital library, Manuscriptorium has the ambition to become a virtual research environment for working with historical documents and collections by creating digital tools adapted as modules in a digital network. As a result, user data can be created in the personalised environment of an individual account and published in correlation with the aggregated content (data and metadata). The ultimate goal is the full integration in the digital network environment with the use of data standards, digitised document indexes, and persistent addressing of both complex digital documents (manuscripts, books) and their partial objects (pages) or fragments (page details) where blockchainisation is an inspiration rather than big data.

Manuscriptorium team


Tomáš Klimek

  • Historian specialising in medieval history
  • Management and coordination of developmental and research tasks
  • Collaboration with memory and research institutions
  • Coordination of works in creating the digital library content
  • Creation of full-text editions
  • User content creation
  • GIS implementation

Zdeněk Uhlíř

  • Historian of medieval cultural and intellectual history
  • Coordinator of the Manuscriptorium content, research, and development
  • Digital codicology coordinator
  • Comprehensive work on the Manuscriptorium content

Team members

Miroslava Hejnová

  • Librarian specialising in library history and early printed books
  • Index of Digitized Heritage content administration
  • Accessibility of full-text editions

Adolf Knoll

Michael Lužný

  • Historian-philologist specialising in manuscripts and medieval literature
  • User content creation and coordination
  • Administration of full-text editions and database of geographic names
  • Guidance of interns

Renáta Modráková

  • Historian-librarian specialising in manuscripts, palaeography, and history of monastic libraries
  • Manuscript processing in the National Library of CR
  • TEI Consortium representative
  • Promotion and design

Anna Pavlíková

  • Philologist specialising in Medieval Latin studies
  • Creation of full-text editions
  • User content creation

Olga Čiperová

  • Technical consultant, librarian, bibliologist
  • Aggregation management and content administration
  • Development of new functionalities

Tomáš Psohlavec

  • Technical coordination
  • Development of new functionalities

External collaborators

  • Lucie Šašková Hřibová
  • Klára Šárovcová

Additional collaborators

Richard Aubrecht, Eliška Bínová, Jan Ctibor, Eva Doležalová, Jan Dušek, Jiří Hana, Michal Hlouch, Jan Hrdina, Valerij Chalupník, Martin Konvalinka, Barbora Křivohlavá, Petr Kubín, Pavlína Kuderová Zápotocká, Jindřich Marek, Pavla Marchalová, Jiří Mírovský, Milada Píšková, Stanislav Psohlavec, Václav Novák, Kiril Ribarov, Andrea Svobodová, Barbora Vidová Hladká, Václav Vraný